Brighid by Stuart Littlejohn

"Brighid" by Stuart Littlejohn

What is Wicca? - an article by Phyllis Curott


You are invited to become a member of the Wiccan Sacred Circle for 50$ per year. Membership allows you to borrow books from the library, have first chance at workshop registration.


The Wiccan Sacred Circle is a community network based in Montreal's West Island where seekers can find resources to learn about Wicca, have access to alternative healing resources, celebrate and meet others of like mind. Learn more about the Wiccan Sacred Circle activities here.

Wiccan Sacred Circle also has a newsletter! Please contact us if you wish to be added.

The goals of the Network are:

  1. To offer opportunities for people to explore Wicca with beginner and advanced classes in French and English
  2. To give workshops on various topics for advanced healing practice and nature-based spiritualities
  3. To provide networking opportunities with alternative healers and other Wiccan and Pagan resources in the community

Upcoming Events

Please see the Sacred Cauldron web site for up-coming events.

All classes are held at The Sacred Cauldron 1564 Chemin Herron suite 207 in Dorval unless otherwise specified. Plenty of parking on Chemin Herron and in the back of the the building off Kirkland Place. See Calendar for directions.

Prices subject to change.

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