Founded by Meri Fowler in 2004, the Wiccan Sacred Circle is a community network where seekers can find resources to learn about Wicca, have access to alternative healing resources, celebrate and meet others of like mind.

The goals of the Network are:

  1. To offer opportunities for people to explore Wicca with beginner and advanced classes in French and English
  2. To give workshops on various topics for advanced healing practice and nature-based spiritualities
  3. To provide networking opportunities with alternative healers and other Wiccan and Pagan resources in the community


Meri Fowler

Meet Meri

Meri Fowler has been a Wiccan since 1992 having studied a variety of traditions and belongs to a Celtic Shamanic Wiccan Coven in Montreal. She has been studying Shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies since 2003 and has incorporated Shamanic technique and Celtic method in her private healing practice. She has been running the Young Pagan's Circle since September 2000, creating a place where young people between the ages of 10 and 18 can explore alternative spirituality. Meri has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has been a nurse since 1986. She has a 2nd Dan in Ninjitsu, and currently works full time as a Palliative Care Nurse.





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