THE SACRED CAULDRON BOUTIQUE is now open from 6pm to 9pm, Tuesday to Friday. Saturdays noon to five p.m.

1564 Chemin Herron 2nd floor, Dorval, Qc, H9S 1B7

Phone: 514-631-3963


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Charme et Sortilege
Bernett Sculptors


Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Racines Païennes - French community resource
Susun Weeds Wise Woman Web - Herbal healing correspondence course and women's health

Covens, Circles, and Groups:

Gaia Gathering
Montreal Reclaiming
Coven Yggdrasil - French eclectic coven
Order of Scáthach

Web Groups:

Montreal Pagan Community e-list
Concordia University Pagan Society (CUPS) e-list


En-chant-ment - Pagan chants
Café NamasThé

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