When: Aug. 6th. 2010 - Aug. 8th. 2010.
Where: Karsdale in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
Website: Witchvox and Facebook

A return to the land...

AEGIS is a chance to come and enjoy a spiritually fulfilling weekend in honour of the Gods and Spirits with the community that serves them at a place that has served the local community and Pagans from around North America for well over a decade.

The landowners and the Gardnerian community of Nova Scotia, as the hosts, would like to extend an invitation to the Pagan community at large and those associated with it to join us in an enjoyable weekend set to take place on the second weekend of August in Karsdale, Nova Scotia.

AEGIS is not associated with any other organization although those who are members of any other body are welcome. While AEGIS was not intended to be an annual festival, the success of the event in 2008 has prompted having the event again, while still striving to keep numbers small.

There is a suggested donation of $25 for adults and $15 for youth aged 12-18 that will be accepted to defray the cost of this event.

Rituals, workshops and panel discussions will be scheduled for this event - details will follow.

If you wish to attend, simply send an email to and we'll add you to the list, which will provide more details, directions, etc. Questions can be directed to any one of our moderators or administrators.

We hope to see you all there.

Registration Begins Friday At NOON

Directions: If interested in attending, please see our listing on YAHOO! Groups - directions will only be available on there, or through a festival coordinator.

Please bring something for the opening ritual potluck on Friday night.