One Day in the Spring
By: Greg Currie

This is a very fast-paced, rock song compared to my usual ballad or crooner style.


Capo Fret 1

One day in the Spring
Am      F
Out in the woods
C          E
I heard the clack of horns
Am          F
And the Stomping of hooves!
        C           E
I followed through the trees
That warm Spring day
Until I spied a clearing
While I, I hid away!
I saw them laughing there
I think all were drunk
A lady in leaf green
Presided from a tree trunk!
They vied for her hand,
With horn, brawn, hoof.
They wrestled and cajoled
Until most had had enough
The strongest, wiliest one
Was the last to stand,
He strode up to her and said,
My name is Pan!
"I'll be your King  tonight,
and you'll be my Queen.
Let the Maypole unfurl
And our passions been seen!"
She took his calloused  hand, said,
"The Spring awaits...
Let loose the ribbons
While we, we consummate!"
I can't explain what I saw
That Spring long ago,
But each year I return
With the passing of the snow.
The Green Lady and the,
The beast called Pan
They Never did return, but its
Evergreen where they did stand!
Evergreen!  Evergreen!
Its Evergreen where they did stand!
Ah, The Green Lady!
And the, the Beast Called Pan!

Audio recording made Spring 2010 in Ottawa, Ontario at an informal bardic night.
2010 Greg Currie. Produced here with permission of the author.